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Canoa - Spanish School

General Information

Rather than a school, what we actually offer is private tutoring in Spanish. This is really what all of the one-on-one Spanish schools in Ecuador and Latin America are. It's just that "school" sounds more professional and nobody searches guide books and the Internet for "Spanish tutors". But, tutors are far superior to organized classes anyway. The instructor directs her/his full attention to one or few students and you are able to advance at your own pace. Though private tutors would be an expensive luxury in many countries, inexpensive countries like Ecuador make it possible at budget prices.


Canoa is a small village on the north edge of a beautiful 15-kilometer stretch of undeveloped beach. The rural community continues mainly as a fishing village, including the activities of shrimp larvae harvesting, and small-scale agriculture. The growing but small scale tourism here at the present time is limited to Ecuadorians during holidays and a small but steady stream of budget travelers (all nationalities) all year round. Though now in all the guidebooks, its relative isolation has prevented its invasion by the Jumbo-jet crowds, and will probably remain a peaceful retreat for decades to come. We hope so.


Bahia de Caraquez is the closest nearby city (15,000 people). It's a pretty tourist hangout with lots of eco-tour options, though it is on a bay and has no decent beaches. It's 5 minutes by bus from the town of San Vicente to get there, you can also walk along the bridge. Either Bahia or San Vicente should be on most maps of Ecuador for reference. The province of Manabi where Canoa is located includes most of the central coast of Ecuador, and is renowned for its pristine beaches.

TripAdvisor review from one of our students.

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