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Spanish Language School

Canoa Spaish School

Ecuador - Canoa,Manabí

Learn Spanish at the beach!

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Our Spanish school in Ecuador offers friendly classes and language immersion in a relaxing beach atmosphere. Ecuador is famous for it's language schools, but your stay in Canoa offers a unique tutorial experience. One-on-One tutoring is available according to your own personal schedule, as you enjoy an unforgettable beach and cultural holiday.

One on one programs

Spanish language instruction is available on a one-on-one student/instructor ratio. Based on your current level of comprehension we provide custom tutoring that best fills your needs according to the time you intend on staying. Advance your knowledge at your own speed without larger class limitations and drawbacks. We provide intensive tutoring for beginner to advanced levels.

Spanish Lessons in Groups

Shared or group instruction is possible for those who arrive with a partner or friends on an equal level of Spanish comprehension. Your group can share a tutor between you at reduced costs per person. Group lessons are not available for those arriving alone.

Ecuador Beach Holiday

Beaches in the Ecuadorian province of Manabi are rated as some of the best on the Pacific coast of South America. Our Spanish School is one of a few schools in the world which offer lessons not just near a beach, but right on the beach. This gives you a clear and attractive option to Spanish schools in large city environments such as Quito. During your studies, you will stay at a small but comfortable Ecuadorian family-operated hotel in the beautiful Pacific coast beach town of Canoa. Located on the south beach, the inn offers tranquility to study in a relaxed atmosphere, yet it is close enough to town to offer easy access to the local activities and social interaction. Class hours are flexible and many extracurricular activities are available for those interested. You can visit local museums or archaeological sites, or partake in any one of numerous ecotours available in the area. You can enjoy surfing, horseback riding, hiking, cycling or just relax on the beach.

Spanish Language Immersion

Immersion learning in Ecuador will help make you functionally literate for traveling in any Latin America destination. Learn the basic vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar you need to get by, or refresh your current knowledge with unlimited conversational practice. The Sundown Inn's family and staff will make you feel part of the family, in or out of class.

School Prices

Our school prices offer the best bargains for Spanish tutoring in Ecuador. There is 10% discounts for lodging and lessons for 1-week program, and 20% discounts for 4-week program. Discounts apply only for students staying at the Sundown Beach Hotel.

* Rates are per person. 


Individual Hours

$10.00 per hour

Weekly Rate (20 hours)

$9.00 per hour

Monthly Rate (80 hours)

$8.00 per hour


(Available only to those arriving in groups of 2 or more)

Individual Hours

$8.50 per hour

Weekly Rate (20 hours)

$7.65 per hour

Monthly Rate (80 hours)

$6.80 per hour

If you have additional questions regarding the Spanish School, please contact:

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