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Study Programs
Course lenght

The length of your study or course depends on you. You are assigned an instructor when you arrive, and begin at a level that corresponds to your current comprehension. For complete beginners, at least 4 weeks is recommended to achieve a fair level of conversational ability, but any amount of study will be helpful. For shorter stays you may want to consider more hours of study per day. A typical study program is 4 hours a day, five days a week. Though we can supply more formal study hours if requested, your free time may also be well served by individual studying (homework), and immersing yourself in the local culture (not to mention enjoying the beach and surrounding area).


Our study program relies heavily on the texts and teaching system "Sistema IE" created by the organization IE Internacional del Español. The texts are easy to follow with important vocabulary and concepts translated to English. Other texts are also used when applicable.


Our study program is individually designed to meet the needs of each student, based on current knowledge and abilities. For beginners, the five important areas of focus are pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary building, conversation, and simple verb conjugations. Once proper pronunciation and sentence structure is achieved, you create your own learning pace by increasing your vocabulary through both practical conversation and word memorization. Intermediate studies focus on advanced verb conjugation, grammar, and vocabulary. Reading comprehension and writing skills are also emphasized.

Our language instructors are not accredited language teachers, and we make no apologies for this. Our tutors are educated and capable, with years of experience in language instruction, and have other credentials we feel are just as important to teaching such as good nature, versatility, and patience. Our permanent on-site instuctors are Quito-born and educated. The Quito dialect is considered one of the cleanest and accent-free forms of Spanish, making learning easier and your conversation more understood throughout the versified countries in Latin America. We believe the single most important factor in one's learning success is the desire and input of the student. You can't just be taught a language, you have to want to learn, and work at learning it. To do this properly you need to feel comfortable in an agreeable environment, with a competent and amiable instructor to help you along. We provide this framework with a professional study plan, outgoing yet patient instructors and a great relaxing beach holiday at the same time.

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